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5 Things to do in Chicago this Winter

The windy city of Chicago is one of the greatest places on earth to visit, so don’t let the bitter cold of winter hold you back. Just because Navy Pier might not have much going on, there is always something you can find to keep yourself entertained. Here are just 5 of the things I recommend you do:

1. Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano’s

deep dish pizza

The absolute must for any Chicago trip is deep dish pizza. I know of no better place than Giordano’s. Located on the gold cost, just one block from Michigan Avenue, Giordano’s is the perfect Chicago deep dish pizza place for people of all ages. There is plenty of seating, so the only thing you will usually wait on is your food (which does take a while, but the wait is worth it). Just be sure not to sit by the windows, because they can be a little drafty.

2. The bean. 

No trip to Chicago could ever be complete without a stop at the cloud gate. Don’t let the cold stop you from seeing it, as it is one of the best public art displays in the world.  It serves as an excellent photo op, so you can make all your instagram friends jealous that you were in Chicago. It is also very close to our next location.

3. Millennium Park Ice Rink

Since you will already be in the vicinity, make sure to walk over to the Millennium Park Ice Rink, and skate with the iconic Chicago skyline in the background. Skate rental is cheap, around $12 depending on when you go, and ice skating is free. Don’t worry if you aren’t strong at skating. Neither is anyone else who goes, and there is a rail to hold onto all along the perimeter of the rink. You can’t go to Chicago in the winter without going to the rink at least once.

4. Brunch at the Robey. 

This old art deco themed hotel near Bucktown makes a great omelet, and an even better mimosa. If you happen to find yourself north of the loop one weekend morning, this is place I suggest you eat. The atmosphere is bustling and the staff are great, but be warned, it can get a bit pricey.


5. Drinks at the Signature Room 

Last but certainly not least, you must go to the Signature Room in the John Hancock building and have a cocktail on the 96th floor. The view looks over the entire city, from a vantage point unlike anything else you can get in Chicago. If you are scared of heights, I recommend getting over it, as this is the coolest view you will get of Chicago outside a flying machine.

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