A Little Background Information

What is CEOoftheTent.com

I am creating CEOoftheTent.com as a hobby and way to get started in blogging. I have always dreamed of writing for a travel blog and am now at the point in my life where I am doing all the travel needed to do it. This combined with the want to somehow keep a select group of my family and friends updated on my travels has led me to give blogging a try. In 2016 I spent 7 months in Tel Aviv, 1 month on Kauai (in a tent) and several weeks visiting cities like Odessa, Kiev, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, and New Delhi. While it was cool to visit all of these different places and learn about the local culture, food, and language in the end I don’t have a good way to share it with others. Later this week I will embark on a new epic journey and hope to post updates here to help preserve the memories and share the cool things I will learn and see.

Where did you get the name?

Actually it was an inside joke with a co-worker. In September 2016 I quit my great paying full-time job to pursue my own business. My first order of business though was to go live in my tent in Kauai, Hawaii for a month to get a sense of myself again. So my co-worker and I joked that I was destined to be the CEO of the Tent.

Where do you live?

I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What are your hobbies?

Where to start, at the moment I am really interested in fitness and nutrition and have been focusing alot of my time learning more about the two. One of my favorite things is to get together with a group of my friends and do high intensity interval circuits.  I also enjoy cooking, wine tasting, learning new languages, street food, fine dining, training martial arts and bouron. I am new to blogging and excited to start working on CEOoftheTent.com.

Do you even have a job?

Yes, I own a small business in the online affiliate marketing industry. In-fact this 90 day trip I am about to go on to Ukraine, Israel, Greece, Spain and Portugal is actually for work. For the most part I am planning on trying to keep a pretty good separation between this blog and what I do for a living.

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