How to eat, drink and have fun in Tel Aviv on a budget

In Tel Aviv you can find some of the best chefs and cuisine in the world. When in Israel, I think everyone should be able to experience hummus, shakshuka, falafel, and typical Israeli breakfast without spending their entire paycheck.


Falafel Razon
Address: 17, King George St, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Phone: +972 50-720-2099

This is a Falafel restaurant on King George Street serving a full meal for 6 NIS. Telavians love it and the meal is authentic.

Hummus Abu Hassan

Address: Ha-Dolfin St 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Hours:  Closes 3PM
Phone: +972 3-682-0387

This is one of the oldest  and most famous hummus restaurants in Tel Aviv. I try to stay out of the “best hummus in Tel Aviv” arguments but this place is famous enough to have its own wikipedia page. From the outside the restaurant does not look very great but many swear its the best hummus in town.


This is a typical Israeli place with Arabic staff. It was described to me as not just a meal but like a show. You order your main meal and then tons of complimentary salami start showing up at your table. They also have tables for big parties available.

Address: Kedem St 69, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 1AM

Phone: +9723-683-3339


This place is a chain and is nothing fancy. In my opinion, its a good place to go for a inexpensive “Israeli Breakfast”. Since its a chain there are options all over Tel Aviv. Checkout their website to figure out your options.


Open Container Laws

In Tel Aviv is it is perfectly legal to be walking down the street drinking a beer. So keep this in mind, stop at the store and buy your own beer or wine to take to the beach to save some cash. A normal price for a Goldstar at a grocery store is around 10 NIS… compared to 20-30 NIS at a bar this is a great deal. Just don’t forget to stock up because all grocery stores and convenience stores stop selling alcohol at 11pm.


I have been here a few times for the “all you can drink” deal. I cannot remember the cost but it was inexpensive. A good way to get a full night of drinking in for one budgeted cost

Address: Bograshov St 18, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
Telephone: +972 3-536-9582
Hours: Opens at 2:00 PM
Located in the Sarona Market, Meetwine is the perfect place to go to learn and taste Israeli wine. I am not sure of the exact prices but I remember a glass of good wine being something affordable like 20-30 NIS. The staff is very kinda and knowledgable and even lets you taste the wine before you order it to make sure you like it. I think its also possible to buy a whole bottle of wine at normal price and drink it there. You should ask!
Address: Aluf Kalman Magen St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 11PM
Phone: +9723-604-0060

Have Fun



By far my favorite activity in Tel Aviv. Enjoy a sunset by the beach! Enjoy it with a run, enjoy it with wine, enjoy it in the sand, whatever your favorite activity is, its better at sunset.


The beach is one of the rare things in Tel Aviv that is absolutely free. Everyone is welcome, bring a blanket, drinks, and snacks and make a full day of it. I have noticed there are a few different beach scenes with locals enjoying the beaches closer to Jaffa like Jerusalem Beach and tourists sticking closer to the beaches on the other end located near the Sheraton Hotel and the Marina.

Carmel Market – Shuk HaCarmel

The Carmel Market is a must see for anyone visiting Tel Aviv. You can come here to buy souvenirs, groceries, lunch, or just to take in the scene. This is a open air market situated off of Allenby Street in the center of Tel Aviv. The market is open daily with the exception of Shabbat (Saturday). Tuesday’s and Friday’s are great days to visit with an additional art & craft show occurring along nearby Nahalat Binyamin Street.

Credits: I want to give a big thanks to Sababush for helping me compile this list. If you are a Russian speaker you should checkout her blog for more information on Israel, Hebrew and wine!

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