English speaking doctors Tel Aviv, Israel

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a large modern city comparable to Miami in the United States. The official spoken language is Hebrew however a large portion of the population also speaks English. Medical technology in Tel Aviv, Israel is comparable to any major city in the United States and finding medical services here should be no problem.

Local recommendations and information
Before visiting a medical provider in Tel Aviv you should call ahead and verify that the doctor your seeing can perform their services in English. Below we have included a list of confirmed medical providers in Tel Aviv, Israel that have doctors on staff that speak english.

English speaking doctors Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel Aviv Doctor
Address: Bazel street 46
Telephone: +972 (0) 549 41 42 43

Information: This is a modern private medical clinic located right in Central Tel Aviv. All services are provided in English including prescriptions and paperwork. Many doctors and clinic staff are native english speakers. In many cases, same day appointments are available.

Have you consulted with a doctor in English in Tel Aviv, Israel? Leave a comment below with the doctor’s information and we will add it to the list of English speaking doctors in Tel Aviv.

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