Travel Plans

The situation

I am in a unique life scenario where I have recently ended my lease in Denver, have a job that allows me to work remotely, and a ton of points and miles saved up from various credit cards and airlines. I figure that before I sign a new lease on an apartment that it would be fun to live abroad for a few months. With that being said my job function is that of sales and account management so if I am up for traveling then it can really benefit my business. In all of the cities I will visit I have both customers and vendors to visit. Not only will it help my business but by having friends in the cities I am traveling to I feel like I really have the opportunity to experience the local culture. I spent a lot of time in Tel Aviv during 2016 and have not been back since. I am really interested to go back and see what has changed and visit all of the places that I used to love. My goal is to be back to Pittsburgh before Christmas.

The Budget

My budget for the trip is fairly economical but not unbearable. My average cost per day for housing is $48 and my budget for food daily is $35. In some of the cities im going to visit you can get pretty nice accommodations for $48 per night. I have also budgeted a few random very nice meal nights so that I can treat myself a few times throughout the trip.

The Route

I will fly to Odessa, Ukraine first because it will cost me less points than flying directly to Tel Aviv. I was able to secure a one way flight using United points that will get me to Odessa. From Odessa to Tel Aviv is about a $250 flight. So my plan will be to rest for two nights in Odessa and then travel onward to Tel Aviv. I will stay in Tel Aviv for 17 days before traveling to Athens, Greece. After a short stay in Athens I will fly to Kharkov, Ukraine from Kharkov to Kiev, Ukraine and from Kiev to Odessa. I will spend some time in Odessa before traveling to Madrid for an industry specific trade show. Once in Madrid, Spain I am considering making my way to Barcelona then perhaps Lisbon, Portugal. I am trying to stay about 30 days ahead on bookings to maximize my budget while still keeping things open ended enough to change plans.


Unfortunately for safety reasons I cannot disclose exactly which hotel, Airbnb, or VRBO I am staying at on until after I depart to a new accommodation. I have also of course shared this information with co-workers and family so that people know where I am staying. I can say though that most of the time I will be saying in boutique hotels  or apartment rentals. Keep checking back for updates and reviews on places I have stayed!

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